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Complete Graphics of Eyvind Earle 1991-2000 Vol. II

ISBN# 0965058727

“This book represents the serigraphs which were printed and published from 1991 to 2000; poems, writings and drawings.

In this second volume, I have also included images of the paintings that I have chosen to be released as future limited editions serigraphs, beyond the year 2000. The time of their release is irrelevant. I wanted to have a good book to show the artwork, past present and future.” Eyvind Earle

Introduction by Jack Hines

“Only the creator can accomplish the surging and subsiding of the seasons for the things that grow from the earth. Only He can infuse living creatures with movement and pulsing vitality. Divinity is apparent in His works. Thousands of years ago a mankind began to devise images taken from nature… to create art as an extension of cultures and of abstract thought.

To be an artist is to strive to imitate the Creator and to reach for the divinity within one’s self. But great creations in art are rare. They are produced by exceptional individuals. The most common subjects can be taken into their eyes, minds and souls, then brought forth bated in the essences of the artist’s person. Such a work, with those virtues, by such an artist, needs but a single exposure to a lover of the genre to have those qualities be immediately recognizable in other treasures done by that same artist. The world of art has embraced just an artist over the decades, which have now traversed millennial boundaries.

Eyvind Earle has lavished the richness of his internal being upon works of art in that time. This, to the joy of those who have an elegance of perception in their own makeup, a gorgeous mystery is constantly apparent in his unique representations… in his translations of the beauties that the Creator has given us.

Nowhere is there an actual landscape, or tree, or man – made structure that is pure Eyvind Earle, in its formation. Only his eyes, his mind and soul can gather in the random surroundings with which we live and assemble them into the aesthetically powerful, sensitive images, which are his alone.

For me, this is deeply personal touch of divinity. Only, the Creator can give true life. Eyvind Earle – assembles elements of those gifts into stunning rectangles of visual life that transcend the nature of nature itself.

Here is an artist who gives of himself in Mozartian prolificacy, enriching us with each painted result.”


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