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The Poems of Eyvind Earle

This book includes over 300 poems and writings that the artist wrote from 1938. ISBN : 0965058719

Here are a few poems from the book

Its past midnight
All sounds have died away
The light has gone
Outside the grass blades sleep
The trees no longer murmur with the wind
Long past the flowers folded up to rest
I only by the doorway sit awake
Watching the nothingness of early hours
Hearing only the constant strain of crickets
Seeing only the distant light of stars
Thinking only of far back memories
Of early morning dreams and fancies dark


The world has a pound to it
Sharp rhythmic beating for eternal ages
The echo of infinity
Everything beats and pounds in time
Moves and swings with even sway
Twenty billion heartbeats sad and happy
Pound the echo of infinity

War on world
Fight away men
Make heroes of yourselves
Be not afraid of death
March into the face of cannons
Charge into a rain of bullets
That makes holes in your heart
And let the life run out of you
Show us that you can conquer fear
Smile at death
Step right over to the other side
Leave your bodies without looking back
Be like gods men

The world is a ringing world
Like Sunday church bells that never stop
The crickets ring at night
The wind rings through the trees
The tall grass rings
Oh and there is a mystic ring to the stars
And a glad ringing of all good people
There is a ring in my heart when friends are near
There is a sad ring when I’m away
Oh yes
There are sad and happy ringings
This world is a ringer of sad and happy bells


Speeding through the night
Filling the distance with muffled throbbing
Piercing the black with sad wailing
Hurry across the fields
Across the valleys
Past the towns
On long straight steel bands
Carrying your strange cargo
Of human souls
On through the night


Out of the soft emptiness
In the middle of forever
The world turns
With even sway
And the never stop moves on
Flows like a mighty river into eternity
While the wind moves too
And the sun burns
And the moon and stars send out their mystic light beams
Slowly they turn like wheels all hooked together
With undying patience that eats up endless time


My heart is filled with river sadness
My bones are wind longing
And my eyes are moon weary

I would be moving again
I would be plodding westward
Held up by winds
Fed by wild grasses
Loved by foggy air

Oh send me off
With wind and rivers
By moonlight


Mad joy
Sharp ringing gladness
What are you?
Cause of laughter
And tears
Oh glee
Bursting glee
Too much glee
Too much joy and gladness
Until you go mad
With strange satisfaction
With mad heart beats
And all the world
Seems trembling
And screaming with pleasure
And howling laughter
Till tears dampen your lips
And blend with the sound of joy


Move move rivers
Flow on and on forever
You rivers of human souls

Reach reach children
Reach higher and higher always
All you children of life

Live live drifters
Live on for all your worth
Drifters through time and space

Love love sad ones
Do nothing else but love
Sad wanderers of the earth


Fling the tired day aside
And grasp the reins of night and ride
Into the land of sleep and mirth
Far from the sad travails of earth


Matter is a place that hides the facts
A place where mind and spirit do their acts
Matter is made of earth and roads and tin
That is where spirit dwells where we are in
When we are learning to be sons of God
Starting from lowly matter rocks and sod
Heaven is all around us always waiting
For earth to reach the goal the divine mating
The union dissolution into one
The waking up to know we are the son
The son of god a part of made of sooth
We always have been always will be truth


I dreamt of an ocean as large as the sky
With thundering waves a thousand miles high
And I sailed that ocean on a tiny raft
As I sang and hollered and whistled and laughed
And I had no fear of the thundering sea
As I raced and hurtled just God and me


Trees and bushes
Grass and weeds and flowers
Cover the earth
In everlasting showers
Of multicolored
Multipatterned line
Tapestries and murals
Art divine


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