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In 1934, as an assistant sketch artist for United Artists Studio, Eyvind worked on films under great art directors and artists such as Will Pogany, Alex Golitzen, Ronald Coleman and Jon Peacock, whose influence left a lasting impression on Eyvind’s work. In the same year, he met artist Atanas Katchmakoff and attended his “Life Classes” where he learned freehand drawing and sketching. In 1947, Eyvind illustrated the book “In Norway” published by Viking Publishing which included 100 of his illustrations. Today these illustrations are a part of the Emporia State University collection in Kansas.

Eyvind Earle continually sketched, using pencils, pens, charcoals, ink or pastels. Some of these drawings are currently available at exhibitions in galleries worldwide.

The artwork shown on these pages are in private collections or museums. For information on available paintings, drawings or scratchboards, please contact Eyvind Earle Publishing at info@eyvindearle.com.