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These are selected writings that Eyvind Earle wrote through the years:

The truth is a point everywhere
Position without magnitude
It isn’t made of anything
And yet it’s all that exists
It has no shape
But is all shapes
It has no size
But is all sizes
It can’t be seen
And yet nothing else exists
It doesn’t think
And yet the mind is truth
It is a circle anywhere
A square without boundaries
Its color is transparent
Its sound is silence
Its thought is beyond thought
The reason of truth is truth
The goal of truth is truth
Truth is that

Art is another word for life
And life is infinite beyond definition
Beyond understanding even
Nothing said can contain but a drop of it
Art encompasses all aspects of existence
Life and truth and consciousness and color
And sound and feeling
All are the same thing
Seeing we call it painting
Hearing we call it music
Reading we call it poetry
And living we call it life
So art is an attempt to capture life
To crystallize and make permanent that which
Is forever fleeting and changing
To pick one detail out of the infinitude of infinites
And make it clear
To see a light
A though
An idea
A wondering
And share it with other people
To delve into the mysteries of nature and God


For me

Art has been an everlasting struggle
A never ending search for the unreachable
No sooner do I accomplish what I set out to create
Than I am dissatisfied
And I must start out all over again
Any idea or endeavor remains valid
Only so long as I am in the process of creating
Then suddenly
I seem deserted of all inspiration and talent
And I must search for the reason
And the purpose
And the goal of my creations
Every attainment I have longed for
Becomes meaningless as soon as it is reached
I even ponder the validity
Of being an artist
And yet unendingly
I see in my mind’s eye
A beauty not yet found on earth
To reach that distant star and yet so close
I try and try and try and try again
Seeming to be so close to reaching it
That often I think I’ve finally broken through
And maybe sometimes here and sometimes there
I’ve caught a glimpse of that divine unseen
And captured just a piece of here and there

Infinite space forever and ever and ever
In all directions is filled with consciousness
One single undividable being
Infinitely present everywhere
And that is what we are
There isn’t anything else
There is not a point in infinity that isn’t that
It is the infinite science of numbers and geometry
Conscious of itself
There is only one staggering miracle
Consciousness exists
And we are that

In God we live and move and have our being
All that exists is that
Infinite energy and creative force are all around us waiting to be used
For seventy years I’ve been painting paintings and I am constantly and
Everlastingly overwhelmed at the stupendous infinity of nature
Wherever I turn and look, there I see creation
I wonder and ponder at the inexplicable miracle of a trillion stars
Sending their light to shine on every single dew drop
Nothing is left out
The infinite is present in every atom
Nothing is out of place
Absolute law and truth and consciousness pervades infinity
And that is what we are
It is the omnipresent being within that guides and directs us
I believe it is cosmic destiny that we are miniature gods just as an atom
Is a miniature sun
We follow in the footsteps of God
We are becoming creators
Art is creating
And so much we tune in the infinite so much does the beauty and
Truth in our work manifest
Art is the search for truth

If four thousand million people on this earth do likewise,
Then there is that many separate wills aiming in different directions.
Chaos becomes inevitable.
Since there appears to me to be an all wise ever present
And all powerful conscience will manifest in the Universe,
I believe that to live in harmony with that Infinite one,
And to strive to work for and with that One
Infinite of existence – of our separate individual being.
What shall we call That?
It couldn’t possibly have a name. And if it did, it certainly wouldn’t be in
The English language, or French, or Chinese…
For myself, I refer to it as God sometimes,
But then trying to define the word God (as I use it) as referring to that which is: infinite – omnipresent, unchanging, eternal, the essence of all Truth.
The same within a point as in infinity. Just as two and two makes four regardless of the space involved, or the time.
That which is God, is that which was never created. It always is.
It can never vary, or change, or add or detract from what it is.